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About PCM

Ever wondered where the profit leakage points are in your business ?  What’s possible if available information, internal best practices and performance reporting were fully leveraged – to realise true profit potential ?

PCM are Profit Optimisation and Benefits Realisation specialists.  With over 20 years domestic and international experience, in 15 industries, we have the know-how to identify, validate and help capture incremental profitability.

Traditional cost cutting, rationalisation and outsourcing programs will only achieve so much.

To make a business truly agile, competitive and profitable – a fresh perspective is required.

PCM leverage existing data, industry experience and sophisticated diagnostics to identify profit leakage points, then transform these opportunities into EBIT – opportunities that are often overlooked by traditional analysis.  We collaborate with clients to rapidly capture and retain incremental profit, without disruption to business operations, or the need for structural change or new investment.

Typically our programs deliver incremental profit in the vicinity of 1% to 3% (of gross revenue), year on year.  In many cases, PCM programs have realised more than $15m in incremental EBIT.  PCM’s remuneration is tied to your success, with the majority of our professional fees linked directly to the EBIT we identify and capture.

Profit from our perspective.