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Benefits Realisation

PCM goes beyond traditional upside analysis and implementation frameworks – we are different.  We actively work with our clients, in partnership, by embedding ourselves in the business, to validate, capture and retain  the prize in incremental steps identified and retain these gains in the long term.

Remember, opportunities alone are worth nothing, unless they are captured.

PCM’s success is dependent on our client’s success, measured as bottom line EBIT impact.  We design and deploy Benefits Realisation Programs that capture profit upsides quickly, with minimal disruption to the business.

Many business improvement programs fail because they lack the planning and implementation expertise required.  PCM has both.  We align our Benefits Realisation with our client’s culture and capabilities, then actively engage the business as part of the rollout.

PCM Implementation Programs are characterised by:
  • A framework that breaks down large opportunities into small, granular upsides, for individual customers, products and services.
  • Monitoring tools that measure upsides captured, drive personal accountability and highlight successful practices.
  • Updated business intelligence to track the progress of existing initiatives and identify new ones.
  • Interactive workshops and review sessions with sales teams and branch managers, to empower.
  • Ongoing mentoring, coaching and support, which continue to drive a culture of continuous improvement and accountability within the organisation.