Dashboard Reporting

Making sense of disparate and inconsistent data from multiple sources, is one of the greatest challenges for business today.

PCM Dashboard Reporting transforms relevant business data into clear, concise and professional reporting – that delivers powerful insights and drive better decision making.

We achieve this by working collaboratively with clients to understand specific reporting requirements that best leverage available data and PCM’s profitability analysis, to drive required behaviours.

PCM Dashboard Reporting offers far more than standard management reporting.

They ultimately improve decision making, competitiveness and business profitability throughout your entire organisation, with a genuine focus on transparency and bottom line performance.

PCM Dashboards Deliver:
  • A clear view of business profit drivers at all levels within the organisation, supported by flexible and interactive reporting.
  • Genuine insight of profit contributions by customer, market segment, sales person, product and/or service.
  • Mobile deployment to smartphones and tablets on a secure network.
  • A single view of the truth that reconciles with financial statements and other standard reporting, which is not system platform dependent.
  • Drill down functions, forecasting and analytics for a fraction of the investment that large BI providers charge.