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Core Services

PCM  transforms data into powerful business insights and supporting analytics to identify profit upside opportunities that are often overlooked by traditional analysis.

We focus on immediate opportunities to grow existing customer, product and service profitability – without significant investment or disruption to business operations.

PCM combines over 20 years best practice experience with sophisticated analytics to pin-point genuine profit upside opportunities.

Many PCM Profit Optimisation Programs feature the following elements, which are customised to meet specific business needs, objectives and capabilities :

  • Cost to Serve Analysis
  • Pricing Optimisation
  • Benefits Realisation
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Dashboard Reporting

As a general rule, our programs yield between 1.5% to 3% of gross revenue upside, annually.

That is, organisations with say $200M in annual turnover can expect to realise between $3M and $6M per annum, as a direct result of a PCM engagement !

Benefits of a PCM Profit Optimisation Program:
  • Specific initiatives that can be implemented now, to capture incremental profit, based on known variations.
  • An understanding of true customer, product and service profitability, when all costs are taken into account.
  • Alignment between customer / client pricing and service offer to their lifetime value and commitment.
  • Incremental profitability that can be generated by applying internal best practices and behaviours.
  • Upside tracking and reporting that can be validated with financial results, to drive transparency and personal accountability.
  • Transition of PCM knowledge to the business, in the form of diagnostics, reporting tools and program management.
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Cost to Serve Analysis

To fully understand the true profitability of individual customers, products and services, Cost to Serve analysis is applied, which aligns granular cost data to actual business operations, at transactional level.

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Pricing Optimisation

PCM combines best practice experience and sophisticated diagnostics to help optimise pricing of products and services, taking into account market dynamics.

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Benefits Realisation

PCM’s success is dependent on our client’s success, measured as bottom line EBIT impact. We design and deploy Benefits Realisation Programs that capture profit upsides quickly, with minimal disruption to the business.

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Performance Benchmarking

We bring information to life, with dynamic and interactive reporting that can be viewed on demand, anytime, anywhere.

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Dashboard Reporting

PCM Dashboard Reporting transforms relevant business data into clear, concise and professional reporting – that delivers powerful insights and drive better decision making.

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